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  •          Freon leak detection
  •          Freon leak repair
  •          Thermostat replacement
  •          Check temperature
  •          Compressor repair / replacement
  •          Condenser repair / replacement
  •          Retrofit refrigerant
  •          Refrigerant recovery / disposal
  •          Refrigerant leak check
  •          Refrigerant leak repair
  •          Evaporator coil repair
  •          Evaporator fan repair
  •          Condenser fan repair
  •          Evaporator coil replacement
  •          Diagnose / replace txv valve
  •          Thermostatic expansion valve repair / replacement
  •          Nitrogen leak check service
  •          Pressure control repair/ replacement
  •          Head pressure control replacement
  •          Defrosting frozen coils in coolers & freezers
  •          Adjustment & replacement of defrost timer clocks
  •          Service / repair of defrost heaters
  •          Service of frozen/plugged drain lines in coolers/freezers
  •          Acid clean ice machines
  •          Milk cooler repair
  •          Milk dispenser repair

  •  Fan motor service / replacement
  •  Condenser coil cleaning
  •  Condenser coil degreasing
  •  Refrigeration maintenance
  •  Refrigeration repair
  •  Commercial refrigeration repair
  •  Walk in cooler service / repair
  •  Walk in freezer service / repair
  •  Reach in cooler service / repair
  •  Reach in freezer service / repair
  •  Beverage chiller system service / repair
  •  Commercial / industrial chiller service / repair
  •  HVAC / repair
  •  Ice machine service / repair
  •  Ice machine maintenance
  •  Ice box service / repair
  •  Commercial ice machine maintenance
  •  Ice machine water pump replacement
  •  Ice machine parts
  •  Ice machine water valve
  •  Ice machine water curtain
  •  Ice machine dump valve
  •  Ice bin service / repair
  •  Ice dispenser service / repair
  •  Refrigerated warehouse service & repair

All major brands of commercial refrigerated equipment sold and serviced.


Commercial Ice Machine


Any size new machine can be ordered for your specific needs.  We sell both new and used ice machines.


 Walk-in Coolers


Custom built walk-in and reach-in coolers designed to fit any location.  Installation usually only takes a few days start to finish.


If you have more than one reach-in cooler you are losing money.  Energy costs are extremely high these days.  Save space, energy and money by having a custom reach-in buit for your store today.


Replacing your old cooler doors has a great impact on product sales as well as energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.  Call today for pricing.


Shop:  (209) 384-8672


Fax: (209) 384-3368

Need a new custom built cooler?  We will come out and work with you to design the walk box that suits your needs.  Within a few weeks of ordering your custom built walk in cooler we can have everything installed tested and running for your grand opening!